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Joytar J1 Series

Joytar J1 Series


Built to be travel-friendly. Inspires you to play guitar places you never with a delicate wood guitar. One-piece molding full carbon fiber acoustic guitar offers both warmth and punch, a nicely balanced tone. Optional preamp filter built-in version available now.

Metallic ChampagneBlack SatinWhite Satin
With PreAmp FilterAcoustic Guitar
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Key Features

•  Unibody full carbon fiber construction
•  Acoustic guitar with optional rechargeable pickup
•  Bluetooth speaker functionality with 3+ hours of continuous play time
•  Venetian cutaway for high fret access
•  Round-end metal frets & radius fretboard
•  Fingerboard - Ebony-pattern high-pressure laminate (HPL) 
•  18-fret construction
•  Orientation - Right-Handed
•  Weather & humidity resistant
•  15.3” scale length

Guitar Size



Total Length

Max Body Length

Max Body Width

Max Body Depth

Scale Length

Width at Nut

Thickness at Nut


Width at 12th Fret

Thickness at 12th Fret


1.5kg / 3.3lbs

943mm / 37.15"

458mm / 18.02"

350mm / 13.81"

93mm / 3.65"

605mm / 23.84"

38mm / 1.49"

21mm / 0.83"

18-Fret Construction

54mm / 2.12"

23mm / 0.91"


Full Carbon Fiber construction

From carbon fiber 

to stage.

Enjoy all the advantages of full carbon fiber construction. Joytar J1 guitars are unique because from carbon fiber to stage, they are with tone in mind. They are all crafted to produce the tone and volume that the tone wood acoustic guitar was originally designed to achieve. At the same time, they are crafted by utilizing the physical properties of the carbon fiber to solve problems - buzzing action, fret shrinking and swelling, neck warping, cracks, and tuning problems. We want to make guitars slimmer, lighter, stiffer, more durable and lower maintenance.

2/3 weight of a wood acoustic guitar

Humidity and temperature resistant

Exceptional volume even in compact size

No need for rod adjustment anymore

body & soundboard

Thanks to the high stiffness-to-density ratio of carbon fiber composite, we are allowed to increase the surface area as big as possible while getting rid of losing the strength of the guitar top. The soundboard are made as thin as 1mm that minimize mass and increases the air-resonance power efficiency in a guitar so to increase its projection to the next level.

Elixir Strings

Joytar J1 series guitar comes with Strings from Elixir 16052 Strings Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings with NANOWEB Coating, Light (.012-.053).

Neck & Fretboard

The smooth neck is attached to the body with zero connection that makes Joytar J1 guitar structurally strong enough to resist folding in on itself from the force of string tension. Featuring ebony-pattern high-pressure laminate (HPL) top layer on fretboard, it feels  responsive, comfortable and playable. Ideal for both lead and rhythm playing.

Headstock & tuners

The angled headstock is also one-piece design, resulting in handling increased tension on the strings and better sustain.Its 3+3 tuners layout with sealed diecast housing allowing for decades of use. All we have in mind when comes to the turner part is to eliminate looseness and reduce backlash for improved tuning stability.

Enduring summer 

and winter, 

from the tropics 

to the poles. 

frequency response

How they're sound


Massive bass and treble response balanced. We love the nuanced and balanced tone that this medium sized body bring to the equation.

Get your guitar up and strumming 

anytime inspiration comes in.

onboard preamp filter

Add stunning effects to you favorite acoustic.

Self-amplify the guitar with built-in effects! We have upgrade guitar edition that is equipped with exclusive onboard preamp filter system developed in conjunction with the the primary pickup brand DOUBLE®. The smart built-in pickup is USB-C rechargeable, providing maximum value up to 3 hours playing time even in a small footprint. It features volume, tone shaping as well as status indicator, amplifying tone that is balanced, natural and full. Simply turn it on and get more sonic possibilities.

bluetooth & endpin plug-in

Flexibility brings

More joy.

With the enabled Bluetooth speaker functionality, you are allowed to play along streaming tracks so you can import beats from your phone or record and play audio tracks through Garageband. Additionally, the endpin jack allows you to allows you to plug into any amplifier or PA system and play it like a full electric guitar.

joytar j1 series

GET YOUR GUITAR IN TUNE and keep it that way. 

Metallic Champagne

Black Satin

White Satin

Play joytar

the places only if you want.

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