Why Did We Choose Carbon Fiber to Make a Guitar?

Carbon fiber consists of woven carbon filaments of low thermal expansion and low weight. It also possesses high chemical resistance, high tensile strength, and high stiffness. Sports, cutlery, aerospace, and racing industries utilized carbon fibers widely following their popularity in the 1970s.

Later, carbon fibers were introduced into the music industry, and carbon fiber guitars were born. The carbon fiber guitars were produced for special occasions and places like traveling and the military. There is a diversification in carbon fiber guitars. They can be used in various kinds of guitars, such as carbon fiber electric guitars and carbon fiber acoustic guitars. People of any age and skill level can easily play guitars made of carbon fiber.

Fig 1. Man Playing Black fiber guitar strings

Carbon Fiber vs. Wood

You might be thinking about the need for carbon fiber when wooden guitars are already good enough. The wood guitar differs from carbon fiber guitars. Let's tell you how the carbon fiber guitar is different from the traditional wooden guitar.

• Carbon fiber is more robust compared to wood. It is vital in resisting humidity and heat compared to wood.

• Wooden guitars are heavier than carbon ones due to their material.

• The quality performance of wooden guitars deteriorates with time and retains more dust. In contrast, the quality of carbon fiber remains the same over long periods.

• Carbon fiber guitars can be converted into any shape because of their design. But molding wooden guitars to turn them into your desired shape is nearly impossible.

Fig 2. Wooden Guitar

Carbon Fiber in the Process of Making a Guitar

Carbon fiber is the most suitable material for producing a long-lasting guitar. Carbon fiber is made with long carbon filaments. Making a carbon fiber guitar starts with a piece of carbon fiber cloth. This cloth is saturated with heat-reactive resin, which allows the carbon to turn into any shape. The amount of resin and the thickness of carbon fiber filaments define the density of carbon fiber. This cloth is then molded and pressed to the final product with a mixture of heat and pressure. The complexity of carbon fiber represents higher quality produce.

Top 7 Benefits of Carbon Fiber


The durability of carbon fiber cannot be underestimated. It has the strongest strength, which increases the life of your guitar. Carbon fiber guitars are much more robust and durable compared to wooden guitars.


Carbon fiber has unique characteristics that it is impossible to recreate with the help of wood. The features of carbon fiber offer a combination of strength and moldability, which helps turn it into any shape. Besides that, the innovation of resonance in guitars using carbon fiber makes it the perfect material.


Carbon fiber electric guitar and carbon fiber acoustic guitar comes with an artistic and luxurious outlook. The close-packed minimalistic headstock pattern makes it strong and portable. The attractive pattern of the fabric weave makes it even more classy and jaw-dropping. Hence, using carbon fiber in guitar gives dual benefits of form and function.


The guitar’s consumption rate proves how good the sound it produces. Carbon fiber is excellent in every aspect, from outlook and quality to sound, comfort and durability. There is a reason why professional musicians rely on the sound of carbon fiber. They used it more for special events such as concerts, gigs, stage performances, parties, etc.


The suitable guitar material builds a guitarist's confidence to play it. They know that the guitar they are playing is solid and attractive. The confidence boost when they take the guitar on journeys and performances is unmatched. Carbon fiber boosts confidence among guitarists, no matter where they take it with them.


Another thing that guitarists consider is how comfortable the guitar is. So, carbon fiber answers this query of their customers through its comfortable quality. The comfort level provided by carbon fiber in guitars can be determined by looking at the smoothness from its body-to-neck transition. This smoothness gives a sense of a seamless comfy feel.


The price of these guitars varies in different places around the world. It may vary from a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. You can find a classical carbon fiber guitar for $500 if you do not want to spend a lot initially.

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Joytar J1 Series

Carbon Fiber Guitar for Travelling

Most people want to know how good a carbon fiber guitar is for traveling. So, the answer to this question on a scale of 1 to 100 is 100! The carbon fiber travel guitar is highly efficient and reliable for your journey. It has been tested on many tours by different musicians.

Moreover, if you are traveling in a van, having a carbon fiber guitar by your side will make your journey memorable. Its durability, portability, and stability make it a great instrument to take while traveling. Carbon fiber guitars provide durability and stability in music that every musician looks for. These guitars are great for singing songs at camps or in the mountains. Another reason this guitar is known as a carbon fiber travel guitar is its lightweight. This lighter-weight guitar will lessen the weight and make your trip enjoyable. Keep it in your hand or put this guitar anywhere in the way without worrying about damage. It is made to bear the harshness of long, tiring journeys.

The Bottom Line

Carbon fiber guitars made their place at the top of the music industry in no time. The success and popularity of carbon fiber guitars are attributed to the durability, sound, and comfort wooden guitars fail to offer. Carbon filter guitars are undisputed kings of the guitar industry and a favorite of the most renowned musicians. They are exceptionally well in sound and built and incredibly lightweight and budget-friendly. Though they cost a little more than traditional wooden guitars, trust us. It's worth the money!

Whether you want to buy a guitar for yourself or a music enthusiast friend, carbon fiber guitars are a top-notch choice.